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BIVEC Transport Research Day 2011 : Program
  • 8h30 : Welcome the participants

  • 9h00 : Opening by the President of the Research Board of the University of Namur and the President of BIVEC

  • 9h30-10h50 : Parallel sessions

  • 1 Dynamic traffic models

    (chaired by Ph. TOINT)
    • Introducing en-route rerouting into the Marginal Computation Model by RUBEN CORTHOUT (KUL)[coauthored with Chris M.J. TAMPERE, Lambertus H. IMMERS]
    • A Hierarchical Approach for Dynamic Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation on Large-Scale Congested Networks by RODRIC FREDERIX (KUL)[coauthored with Francesco VITI,Chris M. J. TAMPERE]
    • State of the art on the integration of Dynamic Traffic Assignment and Activity Based Models by WILLEM HIMPE (KUL)
    • An Empirical Case Study Into Using Floating Car Data From Navigation Providers For Travel Time, Origin Destination And Traffic Flow Analysis by HUUG BISCHOFF (Eindhoven University)[coauthored with Theo ARENTZE,Aloys BORGERS,Nick COLUT]

    2 Logistics 1

    (chaired by W. DULLAERT)
    • A novel hybrid genetic algorithm for the berth and quay crane allocation and scheduling problem by ANDREY PONOMAREV (Ghent University)[coauthored with Wout DULLAERT,Birger RAA]
    • Competition in the Container Liner Shipping Industry by CHRISTA SYS (University Antwerp)
    • Modeling the closed loop supply chain of passenger cars using System Dynamics - the case of Belgium by DIRK INGHELS (University Antwerpen)[coauthored with Wout DULLAERT,Birger RAA]
    • Which stakeholders benefit from rescheduling more freight deliveries to the off-peak hours? Results of a pilot study in the retail industry by SARA VERLINDE (Ghent University)[coauthored with C. MACHARIS, T. van LIER, F. WITLOX]

    3 Land use and spatial geography

    (chaired by E. CORNELIS)
    • Home-to-work commuting, spatial structure and energy consumption: a comparative analysis of Wallonia and Flanders, Belgium by SéBASTIEN DUJARDIN (ULG)[coauthored with Kobe BOUSSAUW,Florence BREVERS,JM LAMBOTTE,Jacques TELLER,Frank WITLOX]
    • A small model of equilibrium mechanisms in a city by SASKIA VAN DER LOO (KUL)[coauthored with Stef PROOST, André de PALMA]
    • Modal choices within the built environment. Or why some people still use their cars in an urban neighbourhood. by VéRONIQUE VAN ACKER (Ghent University)[coauthored with Frank WITLOX]
    • MOBLOC : links between residential mobility and accessibility by XAVIER PAULY (University of Namur)[coauthored with Eric CORNELIS, Fabien WALLE]

    4 Safety

    (chaired by C. MACHARIS)
    • The Influence of Bicycle Path Characteristics on the Safety, Circulation, and Comfort of Cycling by PETER VAN DER WAERDEN (Eindhoven University)[coauthored with Harry TIMMERMANS,Joram LANGBROEK]
    • The registration and localization of traffic accidents in Flanders: room for improvement? by KOEN VAN RAEMDONCK (VUB)[coauthored with Fredriek VAN MALDEREN,Bart JANUARIUS,Lisselot VANHAVERBEKE,Cathy MACHARIS]
    • Identifying dangerous road segments with the Road Accident Analyzer by KOEN VAN RAEMDONCK (VUB)[coauthored with Cathy MACHARIS]
    • Modelling the risk of having a bicycle accident in Brussels: a Bayesian approach by GREGORY VAN DER BULCKE (UCL)[coauthored with Isabelle THOMAS]
  • 10h50-11h10 : Coffee break

  • 11h10-12h30 : Parallel sessions

  • 5 Activity based models

    (chaired by T. ARENTZE)
    • Development of a dynamic network model for activity-travel patterns by SEHNAZ CENANI (Eindhoven University)[coauthored with Theo A. ARENTZE,Harry J.P. TIMMERMANS]
    • Synchronising networks for sustainable mobility by FEIXIONG LIAO (Eindhoven University)[coauthored with Theo A. ARENTZE,Harry J.P. TIMMERMANS]
    • Measuring mental representations underlying activity-travel choices by OLIVIER HORENI (Eindhoven University)[coauthored with Theo ARENTZE,Benedict G. C. DELLAERT,Harry J. P. TIMMERMANS]
    • An estimation of total vehicle travel reduction in the case of telecommuting. Detailed analyses using an activity-based modeling approach by BRUNO KOCHAN (Hasselt University)[coauthored with T. BELLEMANS,M. COOLS,D. JANSSENS,G. WEETS]

    6 Ports and maritime transport

    (chaired by F. WITLOX)
    • Competitiveness determinants of some European ports in the containerized cargo market by RAIMONDS ARONIETIS (University Antwerpen)[coauthored with Eddy VAN DE VOORDE,Thierry VANELSLANDER]
    • Intermodal transportation network design for the hinterland of the Port of Cotonou by MESSAN LIHOUSSOU (ULG)[coauthored with Sabine LIMBOURG]
    • Redefining the Hamburg-Le Havre range in maritime networks by KATRIEN PLASSCHAERT (Ghent University)[coauthored with Ben DERUDDER, Wout DULLAERT, Frank WITLOX]
    • Analysing the growth of container throughput in European ports by THOMAS VANOUTRIVE (University Antwerpen)

    7 Infrastructure

    (chaired by P. RIETVELD)
    • Infrastructure planning as a source of innovation by PIETER M. SCHRIJNEN (Delft University Of Tech.)
    • The effect of private road supply on the volume/capacity ratio when firms compete in a Stackelberg fashion by VINCENT VAN DEN BERG (VU University)[coauthored with Erik VERHOEF]
    • Transport and ethics. Dilemmas for researchers by BERT VAN WEE (Delft University Of Tech.)[coauthored with Eric MOLIN]
    • Coping with production uncertainty in inland water transport by PIET RIETVELD (VU University)[coauthored with Erhan DEMIREL, Jos VAN OMMEREN]

    8 Logistics 2

    (chaired by F. SWIDERSKI)
    • Information Availability during the Morning Commute by STEFANIE PEER (VU University)[coauthored with Erik VERHOEF, Carl KOOPMANS]
    • Commonly used e-commerce supply chains for fast moving consumer goods : comparison and suggestions for improvement by DENNIS VAN HOVE (University Antwerpen)
    • Extended gateways: a pro-active approach towards sustainable logistics - the case of Flanders by TOM VAN LIER (VUB)[coauthored with Cathy MACHARIS,Alex VAN BREEDAM,Bart VANNIEUWENHUYSE,Karel VANROYE,Roeland HELLEMANS]
  • 12h30-14h00 : Lunch

  • 14h00-15h20 : Parallel sessions

  • 9 Accessibility

    (chaired by S. CARPENTIER)
    • Spatial proximity and distance travelled:Commuting versus non-comunting trip in Flanders by KOBE BOUSSAUW (Ghent University)[coauthored with Frank WITLOX]
    • Reconciling place-based and person-based accessibility: a GIS toolkit by MATTHIAS DELAFONTAINE (Ghent University)[coauthored with Tijs NEUTENS,Nico VAN DE WEGHE]
    • An analysis of day-to-day variations in individual space-time accessibility by TIJS NEUTENS (Ghent University)[coauthored with Matthis DELAFONTAINE,Darren SCOTT,Philippe DE MAYER]
    • Modeling and simulating Accessibility within the Luxembourg cross-border area by SYLVAIN KLEIN (CEPS)[coauthored with Fr?d?ric SCHMITZ,Philippe GERBER]

    10 Freight transport 1

    (chaired by S. LIMBOURG)
    • A study into the economic, environmental and traffic impacts of a Sunday driving ban for HGVs in the Walloon Region by OLIVIER VAN DAMME (Belgian Road Centre)[coauthored with Tim BREEMERSCH,Sven MAERIVOET,Lars AKKERMANS]
    • Automatic Cargo Load Planning: Special shipments by SABINE LIMBOURG (ULG)[coauthored with Michael SCHYNS]
    • Speed, reliability and inventory costs: an empirical assessment for non-symmetrically distributed demand during lead time by WOUT DULLAERT (University Antwerpen)[coauthored with Luca ZAMPARINI]
    • State of the art and prospective development of EMS in Europe by WANDA DEBAUCHE (Belgian Road Centre)

    11 Traffic and sustainability

    (chaired by B. DE BORGER)
    • Modelling the impact of traffic on quality of life: results from a case-study for the city of Ghent by DOMINIQUE GILLIS (Ghent University)[coauthored with Luc DEKONINCK,Dirk LAUWERS,Dick BOTTELDOOREN]
    • The impact of teleworking on congestion: a dynamic bottleneck analysis by SERGEJS GUBINS (VU University)[coauthored with Erik T. VERHOEF]
    • A reconstruction of policy-driven innovations to reduce Dutch car emissions 1960-2010 by LEONIE WALTA (Delft University Of Tech.)[coauthored with Jan Anne ANNEMA]
    • Policies to reduce inner city traffic by BRUNO DE BORGER (University Antwerpen)[coauthored with Stef PROOST]

    12 Vehicles

    (chaired by I. MAYERES)
    • Limited vehicle range as a barrier to the adoption of electric cars:A meta-analysis by ALEXANDROS DIMITROPOULOS (University Amsterdam)[coauthored with Piet PIETVELD,Jos N. VAN OMMEREN]
    • Testing electric vehicles in real life:Living Labs in Europe by KENNETH LEBEAU (VUB)[coauthored with Cathy MACHARIS,Laurence TURCKSIN,Joeri VAN MIERLO,Bram LIEVENS]
    • Policy Pathways for a Cleaner Belgian Car Fleet by HANS MICHIELS (VITO)[coauthored with Tobias DENYS,Carolien BECKX,Liesbeth SCHROOTEN,Stijn VERNAILLEN]
    • The Taxation of Diesel Cars in Belgium - Revisited by INGE MAYERES (VITO)[coauthored with Stef PROOST]
  • 15h20-15h40 : Coffee break

  • 15h40-17h00 : Parallel sessions

  • 13 Route and mode choices

    (chaired by V. VAN ACKER)
    • Influence of travel advice, pricing and environmental awareness on route choice behavior of car users: results of a stated choice experiment by KASPER KERKMAN (Eindhoven University)[coauthored with Theo ARENTZE,Aloys BORGERS,Astrid KEMPERMAN]
    • How sustainable is route navigation? A comparison between commercial route planners and the policy principles of Road categorization by KOEN DE BAETS (Ghent University)[coauthored with Sven VLASSENROOT,Dirk LAUWERS,Georges ALLAERT,Philippe DE MAYER]
    • The generalized network pricing problem by FAY DUNKERLEY (KUL)[coauthored with Andre de PALMA, Stef PROOST]
    • Modal choice and its determinants : a review from an interdisciplinary perspective by ASTRID DE WITTE (VUB)[coauthored with Joachim HOLLEVOET,Michel HUBERT,Frédéric DOBRUSZKES,Cathy MACHARIS]
    • Collection and Analyses of Crowd Travel Behaviour Data by using Smartphones by RIK BELLENS (Ghent University)[coauthored with Sven VLASSENROOT,Sidharta GUATAMA]

    14 Freight transport 2

    (chaired by Th. VANELSLANDER)
    • The TIGER Model: Application of detailed passenger and freight transport in a regional CGE setting by CHRISTOPHE HEYNDRICKX (TM leuven)[coauthored with Olaf KOOPS,Olga IVANOVA]
    • The use of bicycle messengers in the supply chain? Moving slowly by JOCHEN MAES (University Antwerpen)[coauthored with Thierry VANELSLANDER]
    • An agent based dynamic road freight transport demand generation by JéRéMY PIOTTE (FUCAM)[coauthored with Bart JOURQUIN]
    • How efficient operations can make an airport more competitive by ELS STRUYF (University Antwerpen)[coauthored with Hilde MEERSMAN,Tom PAUWELS,Eddy VAN DE VOORDE,Thierry VANELSLANDER]

    15 Pricing

    (chaired by S. PROOST)
    • Internalisation of external costs of transport in Flanders by EEF DELHAYE (T et M Leuven)[coauthored with Griet DE CEUSTER,Sven MAERIVOET]
    • Information provision by regulated bus companies by BRUNO DE BORGER (University Antwerpen)[coauthored with Mogens FOSGERAU]
    • Commuting and income by EVA GUTIERREZ-I_PUIGARNAU (VU University)[coauthored with Jos N. van OMMEREN]
    • The contribution of Park and Ride to a robust mobility system by MAAIKE SNELDER (A.A. Delft)[coauthored with B. EGETER,T. HENDRIKS,L.H. IMMERS]

    16 Commuting

    (chaired by A. VERHETSEL)
    • Taxation and the long-run demand for vehicle quality and vehicle use by JAN ROUWENDAL (VU University)[coauthored with Bruno de BORGER]
    • The Support by Belgian and Dutch Drivers of In-vehicle Speed Assistance Systems by SVEN VLASSENROOT (Ghent University)[coauthored with Karel BROOKHUIS,Johan DE MOL,Vincent MARCHAU,Frank WITLOX]
    • Do attitudes to employer transport plans impact their effectiveness? The Belgian case by LAURENT VAN MALDEREN (FUCAM)[coauthored with Elien VAN DE VIJVER,Bart JOURQUIN,Isabelle THOMAS,Thomas VANOUTRIVE,Ann VERHETSEL,Frank WITLOX]
    • The effects of extreme weather on disruptions in the railway sector by YUANNI XIA (VU University)[coauthored with Jos N. van OMMEREN, Piet RIETVELD, Willem VERHAGEN]
  • 17h00 - 17h40: Plenary session : keynote by A. Bonnafous

  • 17h40 - 18h00: Awards ceremony chaired by the Rector of the University of Namur

  • 18h00: Cocktail