Objective of the project


Nowadays, it has become essential to have a more effective insulation to avoid energy loss (building, transport...). It may result in a lack of ventilation that can lead to an increase in the concentration of pollutants in indoor air, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) harmful to human health. Different approaches have been proposed to eliminate/reduce this problem: ventilation, purification by adsorption, depolluting plants... However, the development of methods for degradation in situ of pollutants seems much more effective and beneficial long-term. Our project is part of this process and is to develop materials for degradation of VOCs by photocatalytic effect from indoor air, ideally in H2O and CO2 in the visible and without additional external power supply.

The objectives pursued can be summed up as follows:


Manufacturing of photoactive nanoparticles in the visible range (doped-TiO2).

Functionalization of natural nanofibers with photoactive nanoparticles.

Immobilization of the photoactive nanofillers on textile substrate.

Protocols to monitor performance of photocatalytic materials on the scale pilot.

Main areas of application: Textile, bedding, furniture...


Main application sectors: Construction, transport, automotive..


Project partners: Materia Nova-Kulak-HEI Lille