We are pleased to invite you to participate at the 7th edition of the North-European workshop entitled: “Cleansing of indoor and outdoor emissions of volatile organic compounds”. This workshop is organised by all partners of both projects DepollutAir and TEXACOV (GoToS3 project portfolio) as part of the European Territorial Cooperation program INTERREG V France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen (FEDER). The workshop will be held on the 18th of July. It provides the opportunity to meet industrials, institutional representatives and both DepollutAir and TEXACOV project partners in the morning, whereas in the afternoon it will be held as a special session of the ACIN 2018 International Conference.


This conference day (free access) provides the means for companies dealing with problems concerning VOC emissions to present and discuss their needs with experts from the DepollutAir and TEXACOV projects whose experiences may provide valuable insights to the industry. This meeting will also serve to introduce researchers within the scope of the ACIN 2018 international conference to the problems underlying VOC elimination as well as to provide them with grounds to share their knowledge with and obtain new information from partners within the INTERREG V projects.


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