Fourth International Conference on Advanced Complex Inorganic Nanomaterials

From a deeper understanding of the synthesis of complex nanostructured materials to physical and chemical processing and applications

16th-20th July 2018, Namur, Belgium.


Energy, environment and health care are amongst the top priorities of our society. Such issues have sparked phenomenal interest in inorganic nano-materials as they hold great promise to develop new advanced devices and equipment which revolutionise the way we live. Investigating the hierarchical structuration of materials on the nanoscale has revealed unprecedented physical (optics, magnetism, etc.) and chemical (e.g. catalysis, energy conversion and storage) properties that are absent in bulk matter of the same chemical composition. These specific functionalities are the consequence of a complex multi-level and hierarchical organisation (chemical, structural, textural) of the architecture of inorganic nanomaterials. The global properties and functional performances largely depend on the extent to which these levels are mastered during the synthesis process. The development of the society depends on materials: no materials, no progress.

ACIN 2018 is a five days scientific meeting jointly organised by the University of Namur, the Wuhan University of Technology and the Université Catholique de Louvain.


A particular event "International Francqui Chaire" Symposium dedicated to Prof. Clement Sanchez will be organized as a plenary session with plenary lectures, plenary keynote lectures and plenary invited lectures on 19th July in the frame of the ACIN2018. The International Francqui Chaire is a very prestigious international award to recognise the outstanding scientific contribution of an international scientist. Prof. Clément Sanchez from University of Pierre and Marie Curie and the Collège of France, Paris, France holds this Chaire in 2018.


A special session of the ACIN2018 will be dedicated to the "Remediation of outdoor and indoor emissions of Volatil Organic Compounds" in the frame of a H2020 INTERREG V projects "DEPOLLUTAIR" and "TEXACOV" financially supported by European Union and Wallonie-Belgium. All the reserachers working in this field are welcomed to submit your abstract to this special session.