DepollutAir Project


The project


In 2012, seven million people worldwide passed away prematurely (1 of 8 recorded deaths), deaths that were attributed to the effects of indoor and outdoor air pollution. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) make up an important part of air pollution and they are known for being harmful for both human health (carcinogenic, teratogenic, allergic reactions…) and the environment (global warming, tropospheric ozone formation,…). Production industries amount to a third of all VOC emissions. The abatement of these compounds is thus crucial for our society.


Experts in the field of VOC emissions, the DepollutAir project addresses the problem of VOC abatement through the development of new innovative treatment procedures adapted to industrial needs and based on the coupling of different technologies. The complementary competences of the project partners provides an efficient cooperation in researching and developing new highly efficient treatment techniques (adsorption, catalysis, photocatalysis, plasma) from an energy point of view that lead to the total elimination of VOC products whilst avoiding by-product formation

The objectives

Accompanying cross-border industries in an environmentally sustainable procedure

Provide adapted and innovative treatment solutions for the treatment of VOC (awareness, information, on-site analyses, adapted technological solutions, suggestions of systems adapted to industrials).

Main areas of application :  


Main application sectors :  Manufacturing industries that release VOC compounds or any other activity that participates in the release of indoor or outdoor VOC


Project partners : ULCO (project leader), UMons, UGent, ULille, UNamur, VOLVO, TIM