Please follow the instructions below to prepare and submit your Abstract(s). All Abstracts should be submitted via an e-mail attachment to: acin2018@unamur.be in Microsoft Word format. Each Abstract should not exceed one page. Please follow Abstract guidelines when preparing your Abstract. Please be certain that the presenting author and/or the corresponding author provides detailed contact information, including at least their email addresses.

When submitting your Abstract, please tick one choice for each option given at the end of this page. Please assign a filename to your Abstract using the following code: Tx-Surname_Name_# and use this as the subject of your email. (Tx is the number of topical session (T1, T2, T3 or T4). Surname and name of the corresponding author, and # is the abstract number if you submit more than one Abstract (Example: T3-John_Smith_1).

A special session of the ACIN2018 will be dedicated to the "Remediation of outdoor and indorr emissions of Voltail Organic Compounds" in the frame of a H2020 INTERREG V project "DEPOLUTAIR" financially supported by European Union and Wallonie-Belgium. You are welcomed to sublitted your abstract to this special session. If you would like to submit an abstract to this session, please mark T4.

Abstract template and more detailed instructions for abstract submission can be obtained here